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“As somebody who was a bit skeptical about QHHT and what it could offer, I was amazingly surprised. Rebekah is so genuinely caring and bright and knowledgeable and comforting and energetically intelligent that you cannot help but feel relaxed and wonderful just in her presence.

But then when the actual work starts she really shines and if you are somebody that needs guidance or assistance with any area of your life then please try her out. Let me put it another way, if you are reading this review right now then you are already so close. Do yourself a favor and drop her a note or sign-up for a session and I assure you you will be rewarded in kind…”

“My session with Rebekah, as she forewarned, is most definitely still in a very active unfoldment process. That’s one of the very beautiful aspects of this work. You have your in-session experience, which, for me, was such a connective, warm and interesting occasion (Rebekah is truly masterful at holding a safe container), but then you have the post process, both consciously and unconsciously, which I can only begin to speak to as I’m still not even a week out from my session, but can attest to some very deep layers of healing having been accessed through the hypnosis journey, which my dreams are providing evidence for. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is ready to go deeper into realms within themselves that they can’t consciously speak to. It’s a great mystery what you’ll find once you’re in, and that’s the absolute fun of it! I look forward to doing more work with Rebekah as my process unfolds. SO MUCH GRATITUDE”



“I had my first QHHT session with Rebekah, and it was an experience that words cannot describe. It was nothing short of phenomenal, profound, and brought me insight on more about the depths of myself, and who I am as a being. I struggled to go under hypnosis, and told Rebekah I was not comfortable in the position I was in and was not able to get where I needed to go. She was nothing but understanding, kind, and soft in her approach to get me comfortable. And like that, I was under! She was extremely thorough, took her time, and made me feel that all that was important was me. She has a very caring and tender spirit, and made me feel very relaxed and at ease.”

“We hit it off from the start, she is such a warm kind person and I felt relaxed right away upon getting to know each other some. The experience was amazing, I was amazed with her intuitive abilities that she brought forth throughout our time together. Wonderful atmosphere, amazing experience. I highly recommend Rebekah on your own healing journey!”



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